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Our variety of Mexican and International insurance services are specially tailored to meet the insurance of anyone living in Mexico and world travelers.

At Shoreline, we strive to bring foreigners and locals like you the best travel, auto, health and homeowners insurance options available while in Mexico and abroad. We have carefully curated products that meet your specific insurance needs.

Auto Insurance

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Our auto policies meet Mexico car insurance requirements and cover USA, Canadian, and Mexican registered vehicles. Everyone needs car insurance while driving in Mexico and we offer products designed to protect you against the multiple contingencies that may arise while behind the wheel. With Shoreline, you don't have to worry about your vehicle's high auto insurance rates.

What does liability auto insurance cover?

Auto insurance with civil liability supports you by covering material or personal damage, including accidental death that may be caused at the time of an accident.

The coverages are:

  • Damage to other people and your car
  • Accidental death
  • Medical care, ambulances and hospitalization expenses
  • Legal defense

Since January 2019, it is mandatory to have auto liability insurance in federal highways

Homeowners Insurance

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Our homeowners insurance products provide comprehensive protection for your home, condo, and townhome in Mexico. Whether you reside in the country temporarily or permanently, or use it as a rental property, we have you covered.

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Health Insurance

International health insurance with worldwide coverage.

With a wide array of healthcare plans that cover insureds at various stages of their lives, whether they are hoping to start a family or have reached the golden age, we offer healthcare solutions coverage for every stage of your life.

¨My job is to ask you about insurance. Please do not make it my job to tell your family you did not have any.¨

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